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Our History

In the early 1970s, the founders of MG Coupling became increasingly concerned about the possible effects of corroded stainless steel couplings used in cast iron soil pipe installations. So after interviewing many high-profile developers, if the proposed corrosion proved true, the cost to replace a corroded coupling underneath a multi-million dollar development would be astronomical. Thus, they began to investigate.

Morris Gittleman, the investor and designer of the MG Coupling, pulled together multiple testing laboratories to determine what would cause corrosion to stainless steel couplings; the results were dramatic. Stainless steel couplings were found to corrode if:

  • Soil conditions were adverse, aggressive, or had unbalanced pH levels.
  • One part of the coupling was exposed to a different oxygen concentration.
  • Corrosion-induced conditions moved into crevices shaped during coupling fabrication.
  • Salt-water intrusion occurs
  • It was after these results were understood that Mr. Gittleman invented and patented the MG Coupling that would be stronger, more reliable, and made of the same material as the pipe itself. Thus, providing a coupling that would last a lifetime!

    In addition to the United States, the MG Coupling has been installed globally, including Canada, Mexico, England, South Africa, the Middle East, Guam and the Philippines! From schools to skyscrapers, and everything in between, we have installed 10 million couplings over 40 years!!

    So next time you are specifying, or purchasing for any size development, think MG and Join the Underground!